As a hobby, I like to translate manga. It helps me keep my Japanese in practice. If you are interested in using manga for language learning, drop me an email - everthing I've translated is availabled in parallel Japanese / English versions.


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Links to some other manga translation sites and other general stuff that I enjoy.
Steels from Hiromoto Sin-ichi's Hells Angels
Hells Angels

Naoto, from Miwa Shirow's Dogs
Miwa Shirow's Dogs

Vulgar Ghost Daydream
Vulgar Ghost Daydream

Tenjo Tenge
Tenjyou Tenge

Kagome Kagome
Kagome Kagome (Completed)

Various CapCom Gals Manga
Capcom Gal's Comic Anthology


Listed approximately in order of how interested in translating them I am.