A fan translation of Hells Angels, a shonen fanciful horror manga running in Ultra Jump. This is a joint with the fish from MangaTranslation.com and Tama-chan scans.

Hells Angels

Hiromoto Sin-ichi presents a manga full of style about a school girl's descent into Hell, and her struggle to return to where she knows she belongs.

There are currently three volumes out in Japan, though I have only read the first.


Amagane Rinne has just moved to a new city and is excited to start her first day at a new school. Like most young girls her age, she's worried about all sorts of things, cute boys included. On her way to school though, her list of worries grows as she gets hit by a truck...

At her new school, she is determined to make new friends, and find her way home. Also, she might meet a few boys on the way.



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    Edited Translations
  • 2012/04/15 It looks like the Tamascans site is down. I went back through my data, and have created torrents for Hells Angels volume 1 and Hells Angels volume 2. I thought that I had translated volume 3 as well, but I only found the first chapter. Huh.
  • Volume 1, Chapters 1, 2, and 3 available from www.tamascans.net