Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Volume 1

Chapter 1: Whitehair & Eyepatch Summary

Haine and Badou are on the prowl, looking for something. They find a group of men guarding a large room full of genetically modified ... children? Of course, on the way there they busted a lot of heads...

Chapter 2: Maiden & Eisen Summary

Naoto is searching for information about a man who carries a sword like hers, and information about a mythical place that lies below the lowest level of the underground that the Dogs inhabit...

Chapter 3: Wounded & Flawless Summary

While relaxing at home, Haine is attacked by a gang in retribution for his breaking in and freeing the genetically modified children. He is captured and taken back to their base.

Chapter 4: Smack & Down Summary

Naoto enters the chapel to ask the Bishop some questions about the men she's searching for. While there, some thugs sent by Haine's captor, the Carselino family, went to capture Nill.

Meanwhile, Haine has been taken captive, and has had just about enough of it. He decides to take out the boss. Giovanni looks on in delight ...

Chapter 5: Blade & Bullet Summary

The battle rages on for both Naoto and Haine as they oust their opponents easily. Giovanni watches on with increasing irritation, and the silhouette of those two... (thanks to lifestorm2)

Chapter 6: Cowardly & Proud Summary

Giovanni interrupts Haine's fight as the mafia boss runs away, and attempts to awaken "the mad dog" in Haine. Meanwhile, Naoto has finally ended her fight, and for the first time sees Nil and the Priest clearly. Freaky priest. (thanks to lifestorm2)

Chapter 7: Servant & Strayer I Summary

Noki and Luki stops the mob boss while Haine struggles with his "dog," has it finally awaken? (thanks to lifestorm2)

Chapter 8: Servant & Strayer II Summary

Haine's and Giovanni's fight heats up and disppears from the location, as Noki and Luki leaves from the scene of "accident." (thanks to lifestorm2)

Chapter 9: Servant & Strayer III Summary

The gun fight continues, and we learn a little bit more about Haine's past, the "Cerberus" and his sister, Lily. (thanks to lifestorm2)

Chapter 10: Servant & Strayer IV Summary

The fight concludes as Haine tears up Giovanni, is this really the end of the fight? (thanks to lifestorm2)

Chapter 11: Servant & Strayer V Summary

Giovanni reveals the fact that he also retains "Cerberus," and runs away before Haine can restart the fight, and he tells Haine to go to the "Hill of atrocities"... (thanks to lifestorm2)

Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Volume 2

Chapter 12: Summary

Naoto asks the Bishop about an assassin that has the same power as her. She is searching for him because he "stole her past". The Bishop tells her that sometimes when you try to return to the past, you lose something about yourself in the present, and even if you do lose something, you will adjust in some way to cope with that loss. He also talks a bit about a friend of his (Haine) who drags his past around with him, and has no resting place for his soul. He also seems to know that there is some woman who is at the heart of all this, that her "mischief" is starting to bear fruit.

Chapter 13: Summary

Badou meets Haine and they go to visit Granny Liza, the head of a local gang of some sort. By chance, Naoto follows them, asking them information about a group of assassins that use swords in a level below them (which Haine seems to imply doesn't exist.) Naoto is also on her way to see Granny Liza for information. It looks like Granny Liza was the one that hired them to save the mutant kids from a few chapters back. Everyone in her gang looks like some kind of rabbit mutant.

Granny Liza then tells them about the Marconi family, another gang that is trying to extend their sphere of influence over this way. She asks Badou and Haine to arbitrate the situation, before hot-heads from her gang start to instigate fights as well. Haine agrees despite Badou protestations (he is really a private invetigator, and doesn't want to get so much as a nose bleed!) and leaves the rest of the negotiations (money, etc.) to Badou. Badou comments that Haine has never been comfortable around women (Naoto is there) and of course Naoto thinks that she and Haine are gay lovers, which he denies. He says that the only female Haine is comfortable around is Nill, the winged-girl they saved that lives in the Church now with the Bishop.

Naoto says that she would like to ask Badou some questions, and Granny Liza is shocked when she sees Naoto's Katana.

Chapter 14: Summary

Naoto takes her turn at Granny Liza's place, asking for information about the person who has a sword similar to hers. We learn that the man who acted as her father, "Fuyumine", seems to be a very disliked figure. Granny Liza tells about how, in the past, many young children were abducted from the area. The only thing that people noticed was that often a group of armed swordsmen dressed in black were seen in the area when the abuductions happened. Fuyumine seems to have either been one of them and turned against them, or had some other relation to the group, and fought his way out with Naoto. When asked her name at the end of the chapter, Naoto replied "Fuyumine Naoto."

Chapter 15: Never call us "Trouble Makers"! Summary

Badou and Haine are off on their "arbitration" job, and of course it breaks out into a full-fledged firefight. Haine is completely calm in the firestorm of bullets, while Badou freaks out. They have a hilarious conversation about movies.

Meanwhile, Naoto is reminiscing about her training when she was a kid. Her teacher goads her on, trying to get her to kill him, saying that she wants to surpass him (very Star Wars Dark Side of the Force kind of stuff.) We flash back to Granny Liza, saying that he would save kids that were taken by the sword gang, put them somewhere and head out again. Naoto, it seems, was one of the "kids" that he "saved".

Badou and Haine join in the fight, and we see two familiar characters: Luki and Noki show up...

Chapter 16: Summary

The chapter opens with Giovanni on the phone. He's talking to a Professor, who is in charge. She wonders where the twins are, and seems a bit disappointed about how things turned out.

Back on the battle field, Luki and Noki show up. Naoto is surprised at their super-human abilities - they jumped from a four or five story building without any trouble. Luki and Noki get excited when they find "big brudder" - Haine. They announce themselves as the Invincible Luki Noki twins, who always leave an ocean of blood trailing behind them. The twins recognize Naoto's sword as being the same as "Fu-sama's", and decide that they want to "play" with Naoto also.

Chapter 17: Summary

One of the twins fights with Haine, and when he gets in close to her she asks him if he will shoot. He doesn't shoot, "Just like big bro Gio said." The other fights with Naoto, who asks her about the Katana. She says that Fu-sama was really strong, and had a sword that could cut up anything. Haine seems to realize something about the twins then, once the connection to Giovanni is revealed.

Badou starts shooting like a madman, and freaks out, screaming that "Family should not fight! My brothers (and sisters)!!! All of you guys shut up and fuck off!!!"

The two leaders of the rival gangs are now cowering behind the pillar that Badou and Haine previously occupied, saying "let's ... let's all be friends."

Chapter 18: Summary

Haine, Naoto, and Badou continue their battle against the Luki Noki Twins. Noato flashes back to her training, and even though she doesn't really know the circumstances, says that "when someone comes at you agressively with their fangs bared, you need to fight back harder, stronger, and more fiercly". That seems to "awaken" some darker side of Haine, who earlier had declined to fire upon Luki and Noki, but now joins the fray full-on.

At the end of the chapter, a mysterious Miss Freuling, whom Giovanni seems deferent to, heads up to the "above ground" for a bit of "hunting".

Chapter 19: Summary

The battle continues. Luki and Noki get beat up pretty bad, and they are not ... normal. We see a very disturbing flash-back to Haine's past, and then Luki and Noki leave the battlefield when Fu-san summons them.

Chapter 20: Summary

Luki and Noki flee the scene of the battle, and return to see Fu-sama (Miss Freuling.) They seem worried that she will be mad at them. Naoto demands answers about who she should seek revenge against. The Bishop heads out of the Church for some mysterious reason, and Miss Freuling apparently commands a train up to the upper levels for some "hunting".