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Hey all. You might have noticed that has been down for about 3 days. I was hacked. I have things up and running now, but I am going to try to harden the server when I get a bit more time to read up on things. Basically, a hole in phpbb was exploited that, due to my lax permissions on apache and php users, allowed the hacker to upload some binaries, and use my server to launch further attacks on others. I've cleared things out and up, and think things are under control, but the site might be up and down in the next few days.

Of course, this happened right when I went on vacation. Since I'm in rural eastern Washington, I don't generally have even a dial-up connection, making it harder to figure out what happened, and how to fix it.

I'll likely be taking away even further permissions for php and we'll see if the board (basically the only interesting thing on this site) keeps working. For now, I've upgraded to the latest versions, and put some restrictions on executables and /tmp directories. Hope that keeps things safe for a while. This fish will keep working trying to make a real secure server since it is kind of fun to learn about this stuff, and I'm a curious kind of fish... (That's the only kind that gets phds.)

I will keep translating too, but I've got some vacationing to get on with, so I won't put anything new up until I return from vacation. (August 1st.)

Sorry for the interruption in service.

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