Tenjou Tenge compared to Tekken

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Tenjou Tenge compared to Tekken

Post by DemonNeedle » Thu Jul 06, 2006 5:38 pm

For all those who played the Tekken games, here's what I think each of the characters from TenTen are based on:

Nagi: Jin Kazama- This is simply because his family has special powers on both sides ( His Father's Devil Gene and his Mother's purity thing). They also has a transformation where they basically go chaotic and become LOLBTWOMGWTF times 2,354 strong, basically pwning everyone.

Bob: Eddy Gordo- They both practice Capoeira and have braids ( ALthough recently Bob trimmed off the braids. They also have piercings on their lips

Masataka: Hworang- Jin Kazama's Rival who wants a rematch with him. He has great skills in his martial art, but is always left in the shadow of Jin. Masataka also has great skill in his martial art and either though he beat the unholy crap out of Nagi, compared to the dragon fist powers, always left behind.

Maya: Nina Williams- The Ultimate dominatrix in their universes. You want to touch but might get your ears chopped off and your spleen torn.

Aya: Asuka Kazama/ Li Xiaoyu- Li Xiaoyu has a crush on Jin Kazama simply put. Asuka has those powers like his mother had. Asuka is also put as one of the main characters in Tekken 5

Mitsuomi: I haven't completely figure out who from tekken he resembles ( if any).

Buschimi: Paul Phoenix- The Jokes of their Universes. They both have raw power,especially in their fists.

Shin: Kazuya Mishima- They both were unable to control their powers at First ( Dragon eyes/ Devil gene) but both eventually became a total force to be reckoned with. Both have died (Although Kazuya has come back to life or cloned, I forgot) and are the predecessors of the main character in their Universe ( Nagi/ Jin)

Souhaku: Heihachi Mishima- Someone who has overcome death (Heihachi, twice) and are always in control in the main story, even if they don't see it.

Fu Chien: Lei Wulong- This is simply because their designs are the same.

Emi Izumi: Anna Williams- Sister of Nina Williams, who blames her for the Murder of their father ( I think that's the reason why). Emi hates Maya simply because of all the attention she gets from Mitsuomi.

Sagara: King- Follows the code of the masked wrestler. Never removes his mask unless defeated.

Tagami: Yoshimitsu- Follows the code of the Samurai, even in the modern days.

Ryuzaki: Brian Fury- Psychotic bad dudes, who although get beaten severely bad, always come back looking good as new, ( Or as in Brian Fury's case, becming upgraded as more of a cyborg).

P.S. this is before I saw that Oh! Great did the costume Designs for Tekken 5
There's more, but I have other thing to write, so I'll add them up later
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Post by BlackArtistik » Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:12 pm

lol I dunno about Ryuzaki being Brian Fury, he was psychotic alright, but the only memorable comeback he had was when Bob stuck a broom up his ass.

Maya as Jun Kazama, not due to the mother part, but they both train Souichirou/Jin
Bunshichi I could see as Steve Fox or Craig Marduk
I would say Souhaku as Kazuya, seeing as how Souichirou/Jin, and both do feel resentment for their fathers. Or Jinpachi.
Fu Chien as Lee Chaolan, they look damn near identical.
Mitsuomi as Fang Wei: Both are ambitious, and they have forked eyebrows. :lol:

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