just some thinking about the dragon gates....

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just some thinking about the dragon gates....

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So there are seven dragons gates that normal, everyday people can awaken through their willpower; through martial arts, education, a close to death experience, etc. Doing some research on the actual chakra system, its realy something to find out that it does fit the characters who use/may use the chakras

Red Belt Earth Dragon Gate: In real life, it's supposed to be based on Survival and Instinct, which fully describes Soichirou. When the manga first started, He didn't have any specific fighting style and his entire life, he's just been fighting and fighting so he would survive against those who scorned his demon exorcist family.

Orange Belt Water Dragon Gate: Sexual Emotion and Creativity. Ishiyumi's ability to create water bullets is creative I guess

Yellow Belt Fire Dragon Gate: Pure power. Wanting control. Ryuzaki obviously and now I see why he was able to use that gate.

Green Belt Wind Dragon Gate: Based on Love and Compassion. At first, I totally though Aya and her feelings for Soichirou, but ever since the Shidzura imperial deer kick girl, I don't know.

Blue Belt Wood Dragon Gate: We all know this is Maya's dragon gate. This one is supposed to be based on communication and self-expression. I guess Maya speaks her mind a lot, so maybe that's how she can open that gate.

Metal Silk Voice Dragon Gate: The Third Eye Chakra. Based on intuition and supposed to be the start to finding the divine powers of God. I truly think that Bob has this as throughout the entire manga, he has always been correct and precise about his intuition. Figuring out that there were "two" people, not just some people, two people stronger than Masataka in the school, his intuition about his bike being burned, knowing that something was going to happen at the bowling alley that night, the crow thing, and knowing that Madoka wasn't an average girl. Also, about the acutal appearance of the chakra, its looks like and supposed to be like wings (the shirt Bob was wearing at the bowling alley)

Air Tiger Spirits Dragon Gate: I don't really understand this one that much. I just figured this was the basis for the energy techniques that are used in Tenjou Tenge. Maya said that to use the Tanshinkou, the person's ki has to be transferred through the air in order for it to work. So maybe the purpose of this gate is to allow people to use energy attacks.
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