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Nagi Ichiyuu plot to remove all the red feathers

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 9:15 am
by Kyu1982
With the detailed information until now, I think I can make a prediction about Ichiyuu's plan.

Seems like, at this point, Sohaku's ultimate problem is Ichiyuu and his plot to remove all the people with special power.
I think Ichiyuu's plot is similar what Sohaku did at Osaka castle.
As you guys know, Sohaku tried to use Senhime's power to increase red feathers power. Senhime's Amaterasu ability was neutralization, but Sohaku was able to reverse her power and amplify red feathers power and awaken all the red feathers if Ichiyuu and others brough more Red feathers.

I think Ichiyuu made a plot, which is similar to what Sohaku was trying to do but backward. Sohaku reversed neutralization power to amplify red feathers' power which means, Ichiyuu probably can make amplifed red feather power to neutralization and remove all the power in the world.
(I think this is very similar to X man 2. one party trying to kill all the mutants and the other trying to kill all the humans)

So, Dogen and Mitsuomi are planning this, and allowing that Nokimi to do her work. Nokimi's job is critical for creating amplifying power as we know at the latest chapter. Her work is for Sohaku, but it is also needed for Takayanagi to proceed their plan to remove red feathers' power.

I think only wild card is Nagi.
At this point, Nagi is the closest being to Susanao
If Nagi can absorb Sohaku, he will be perfected.
As we know, Sohaku cannot use other red feather's power even though he possesses other red feather's body. (OG can change this anytime because OG didnot state this yet, but if he can possess other body and also use his/her ability, Sohaku probably pulled Orochimaru, and look for a strongest man/woman in Nagi family and take his/her body, and he start kill/eat up other red feather's power. he had several hundred years to do it. I am sure he could find a nice one that is better than our hero).

For the last, BTW, I don't know you guys realize or not.
Did you guys know that Sohaku's body was a body of Shoujo when Mitsu chopped off Sohaku's head. I forgot, at one point, we can see Sohaku's two fingers were missing, and Shoujo also lost his finger while fighting Yagyu.

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 9:21 pm
by Agent_Wax
Yes, it is obvious that Souhaku's current body is Shyoujyou's. About the finger thing, I think sensei and his assistants are never consistent about it. You see Souhaku's finger missing only in a couple of panels, and intact most of the time in the rest. It's probably just carelessness and/or indolence, but who knows?

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:34 pm
by kujoe
I'm probably missing something, (that, or my memory is suspect) but didn't Souhaku lose his finger when Masataka defeated zombie Fu Chien?

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:31 pm
by DemonNeedle
He was supposed to be missing fingers when he fought that Ancient Arc Shyoujyou guy, but there are panels where he has all of his fingers. Even after the Masataka/ Zombie Fu Ch'ien fight he still had all of his fingers. its just Oh! great might've made some drawing errors or something. I don't think its that important or anything like that.

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 10:51 pm
by Kyu1982
It is very confusing object.

It is also possible that Sohaku lost his finger when his spell on Fu'chien and Madoka got broken by Masataka. It is classic onmyoji thing. His spell broke and his curse get reflected back to caster (Sohaku).

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:17 am
by DemonNeedle
I was thinking earlier about Mitsuiro copying Mitsuomi thing. What if it isn't exactly for herself, but for someone else to use. didn't her ancestor steal some kind of scroll or somthing that allowed him to change the appearance of another person and implant their ki into that person, like he did with Yoshikatsu, giving him Tadaaki's appearance and ki imprint.
Mitsuomi said that she was only able to muster up about 80% of his full power at that time, but at 100% and then transfer it into someone who is very skilled and a white feather. It would be like what Dogen said about the true warrior: Kind, Courteous, Doesn't have to depend on the red feater powers, but is able to use them freely, one with God and nature.
It would be like what Shin did to Mitsuomi two years ago. He gave him all that ki, but the ki transfer was more like a blast of energy than a willful transfer. With Nokimi's plan of planting bugs all over the martial artists in the school, most likely, she is trying to make Souichiro fight one of them so Sohaku could take over. It probably doesn't go against Mitsoumi and Dougen's plan because it really doesn't matter as long as Mitsuiro and his Enforcement Group members don't get directly affected.
As for who Mitsuiro might tranfser all of that ki too, the two obvious choices have always been Masataka and Bob. The obvious reasons for Masataka. He has a older Martial Art than Bob's and has The drawback is that he might become too into his power like Mitsuomi was and he might try to take over, but Mitsuomi probably knows that and wouldn't want to lose his influential power over the martial arts world. However, it would explain why he treats Masataka so badly to toughen him up. For Bob, it would piece together why Mitsuomi's constant interest in him and why someone as strong as Mitsuomi would actually bow to him and only ask Bob to join him when he's alone with him. As far as I see it, lower ranked people usually bow to those of higher rank like how Emi and Tagami always bow to Mitsuomi.

I was also reading up on different dances on wikipedia earlier and I went to the actual dance page and it said something about the Sri Lanki had a text that was used to defeat these creatures called Yakkas, which were demon worshippers. The text was called the Mahavasma and it was written by a buddhist monk. I have the feeling that 105 is basically taking the same thing from that text and using itfor the story. So maybeit requires some kind of special summoning or dance to rid the world of red feather abilities.