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Well, overall, We don't know when Oh! Great is going to end this Manga and how much farther we got before we actually find out. Nagi, Bob, Masa, Maya, Aya.....They all have different strengths and different weaknesses and therefore, they're is no real way to tell no, even from all of these "Hints" that we think Oh! Great is giving us.
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Shin was the strongest and is still...(ghost)
Why do I have this idea in my head? well it's because Mitsuomi would not have won and didn't. Shin didn't want to hurt his friends and wanted to fight with out dragon eye and with mitsuomi and give him a fare change...

As Tawara Bunshichi well only one with somekind of change...
What I mean with change is Shin didn't take the fight to a crazy/spyco mode
what he did when Maya was raped...

But what I mean with "only with some change" is that He knew what shin was thinking and let him drop the sword... Shin had probably sawn the future and thought that it was the best option(shin would lose only eye)
But the thing that most forgot when they think the fight shin and Tawara
they forgot tawara had just been run over by a car and had fight before...
If you watch page 171 at v05ch32 you can see that Tawara is britty F#*** up. That is why Tawara Bunshici is only that comes near Shin... and if Mitsuomi and Tawara would fight Tawara would kick his ass... PERIOD
Mitsuomi could not have won against Shin but Tawara had a change.

How about Maya or Aya? well both are weak against monster like Shin
how about Bob and nagi well no change at all...

That is why Shin is the strongest and is still... I hope he will come hunting and show some kickass fights
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