FuguTabetai Chapter 81 Scans. Pretty good quality.

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FuguTabetai Chapter 81 Scans. Pretty good quality.

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Would these help you with your translations?

I'm putting it up on Rapidshare.
so other people can take a look at it too.

and my god people!... this chapter is great!!!
Finally, a scene we've all been waiting for since last summer!

FuguTabetai, if you can't get it (b/c RapidShare is sometimes a bitch), just contact me using email or MSN. I'll send it to you directly.

and now. People... the link!



My need for my favorite pairing of "Maya & Souichiro" is MOST definately satsified in this chapter.

The last 2 pages of this chapter is so funny though!

"This woman.... she's definately my enemy!" - Shizuru Kamura (looking at Maya). hahaha.
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