Different version for weekly magazine and compilation?

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Different version for weekly magazine and compilation?

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I was able to obtain some raw scans of the vol mangas from a different source and I was surprised that they were pages I haven't seen before. I thought that it was just a mistake by translator to miss the pages but I was surprised upon comparing the 2 versions side by side!

One of special note would be on Fight 82, after the page with Nagi, Mitsuomi and Maya simultaenuously performing the needle attack there are 7 more extra pages, before that was a page saying commenting that they were going against the rules. And on the 8th page after that, there were panels where Nagi saw the shattered robot arm and remembered her mother's arm being destroyed...

My theories would be:
1. There is a limit on the number of pages on the magazine.
2. It's a marketing gimmick by the publishers so that readers would buy the magazine and the compilation

What do you guys think?
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