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Ryu Final manga...

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:07 am
by Rhio2k
It's been forever, and every manga under the sun has been translated, or at least SCANNED. Why not the Ryu Final?

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:26 pm
by trado
You're crazy if you think every manga has been translated, there's so much still out there.

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 8:53 pm
by FuguTabetai
I've never even heard of Ryu Final. Does it have anything to do with Street Fighter?

And there is a ridiculous amount of manga out there. I was wandering Akihabara yesterday. Bought a wireless keyboard for my basically-it-is-a-tv ThinkPad A31p, a nice 104 key remote control. I wandered into a manga shop and there were more titles than I could shake a stick at.

Of course, most of them probably aren't good, but there sure is a bunch of stuff out there.

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:49 pm
by Rhio2k
Yes, it is Street Fighter-related, and one of the most highly sought-after sf manga, no less. It's basically the conclusion to the whole Ryu/Gouki conflict, and has a few sf3 characters in fights as well. It's done by Masahiko Nakahira, the sf manga god who also did the (translated and available for purchase in America for over 12 years) Cammy Gaiden/Super Street Fighter: Cammy.

Trado, I'm aware there's tons of crappy doujin, small production house stuff, and hentai that hasn't been translated. I wasn't talking about them. I meant the big-name stuff like popular Anime and videogame manga.

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:00 pm
by trado
That's what I was talking about, i wasn't even considering the doujin stuff. I walk into Kinonuniya and see at least half of the stuff there that hasn't been scanlated, if not more.

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 8:33 am
by hitori
How about some real world stats? :D
See if you can still dare say "every manga under the sun has been translated" after reading.

Japan is ranked 3rd in the world in size of publication market.
-Manga market 4.37 billion USD/yr
-Magazine market within the manga market 1.67 billion USD/yr
-Number of manga only magazines: 300
-Additional advertising market 0.67 billion USD/yr
-Tankouhon market 1.67 billion USD/yr

This is only a pale shadow of what it used to be in the golden years of manga publication in the 80's ~ late 90's.
BTW, this is the size of the 'major' manga market not including the doujinshi and the closely related anime market.

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:41 pm
by FuguTabetai
Well, I am a huge Street Fighter Fan. But I don't care too much about any of the games after Super Street Figther II Turbo. They just don't have the chess-like strategy to them. Alpha 2's Custom Combos and Alpha 3's V-ism (is that the multiple shadow thing?) just throw the game off. And blocking in the air. Blasphemy. If you commit to jumping, commit to it.

I actually the storylines in the SF2 universe are totally lame, but I do enjoy the light comedy of the Capcom Gals Comic Anthology. I just realized that I left my Capcom Gals Comic Anthology 2 back in the states somewhere, and since I don't have a scanner anyway, I probably won't ever translate it...

I'm not particularly interested in translating this Ryu Final either. I got all the Ryu story I needed with his SF2 ending story. :P


Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:33 am
by sheenha
What's the difference between drawing manga and regular drawings? like, i already know that with manga, there's a difference with the eyes, but i'm trying to learn how to draw manga and i don't want my drawing turning out to be non-manga like. so please help. thanks.
market samurai ~ marketsamurai ~

Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:39 am
by FuguTabetai
this probably isn't the right place to get help with that kind of question. You might want to try more art focused websites.