does anyone recognize this??? ..... I'm so lost

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does anyone recognize this??? ..... I'm so lost

Postby yellowknife4 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:57 pm

My Nephew challenged me to figure out how to read this.....I have no idea where to start...any help would be appreciated!

and if you do know what this says and it is not appropriate...forgive me...

Јована, када је поново почиње и цант изгледа да Ñ￾е Ñ￾етите (дратцха) Ñ￾аÑ￾тану Ñ￾а мном у блоодЛ Модерни за потврду ..
болеÑ￾тан бити у цантивиа на Донт кохрна тренутку доушника или да ли је безбедно зона или не знаш о јавним набавкама у том меÑ￾ту, тако иоуве био упозорен.

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Postby iidesu » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:09 pm

John, when it restarts i cannot seem to remember (Dratch) meet me in bloodL Modern confirmation ..
ill be in cantivia to Do kohrna time informant or whether the safe zone or do not know about public procurement in this area, so youve been warned.

This is what Google Translate churns out.

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