Fight 117 !

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Post by iijyanaika »

what part of cali are you in fugu? in the SD area?

i stayed solely in osaka this year.

last months issue there wasn't any tjtg
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Post by Dizzy »

Sagara is definately still alive, that gut busting image from 99 was just one of those killing intent images like when Bunshichi thought he got stabbed in the head in chapter 33. Nagi didn't actually hit Saga, he just let him see what could happen. If Nagi had killed him off Oh Great would have shown it in a far more definitive manner. At least, that's my thought.

Meanwhile, finally Fight 118 is coming. This two month wait has been total suck. It will only be worse if the Takayanagi's spend this chapter just standing there again.
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iijyanaika wrote:what part of cali are you in fugu? in the SD area?
last months issue there wasn't any tjtg
I'm in Palo Alto, but just for another week and half, then back home to the T-K-O.

No TJTG last month, but there was a Dogs chapter, which I still translate.
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