Character list for Vulgar Ghost DayDream 1

This table lists all characters from Vulgar Ghost DayDream 1. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Saiki MisakiSaiki MisakiFrom Vulgar Ghost DayDream Volume 1
Misaki is an albino woman with the distinctive lack of pigmentation that accompanies that condition. Her pink eyes and white hair are also accompanied by a complete lack of pubic hair which causes her some embarrassment. These combined features make her very desirable in her line of work as a professional Dominatrix for the Roppongi Myure Mule S&M club and as a contributor to the sex industry magazine Honey Chop. Misaki is also a necromancer and can see, hear, and speak to ghosts. She is very self-deprecating about this talent, but is in fact very good at both her occupations. Misaki has a complicated past, and although she works in the sex industry she is actually a virgin. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
102Volume 1 Page 7Volume 1
Kadotake SouichirouKadotake SouichirouFrom Vulgar Ghost DayDream Volume 1
Misaki's partner in the Livelihood Preservation Group and her usual link to it. He is excitable and fascinated by Misaki's sexual line of work. He likes to be dominated but doesn't realize this. A proficient martial artist, Souichirou is not an expert. He is mostly very good at Judo. He has many contacts and is good at compiling information, but is deathly afraid of ghosts which makes him an interesting partner for a necromancer. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
64Volume 1 Page 10Volume 1
Kunugi AiKunugi AiFrom Vulgar Ghost DayDream Volume 1
A quiet middle school girl who's sister committed suicide. Misaki helped her uncover the reasons behind the suicide, and the unintentional death of her niece. Ai is a developing necromancer who looks up to Misaki as a mentor (senpai). Friendly and remarkably brave.
38Volume 1 Page 73Volume 1
PersonPerson29Volume 1 Page 26Volume 1
KogaKoga23Volume 1 Page 110Volume 1
Murakoshi MitsuguMurakoshi Mitsugu20Volume 1 Page 34Volume 1
ShibataShibata17Volume 1 Page 152Volume 1
(No image)Narration11Volume 1 Page 0Volume 1
Sakai ShinsukeSakai Shinsuke9Volume 1 Page 47Volume 1
Editorial NoteEditorial Note8Volume 1 Page 5Volume 1
Po the BearPo the Bear8Volume 1 Page 81Volume 1
(No image)Writing7Volume 1 Page 20Volume 1
Kunugi MikuKunugi Miku6Volume 1 Page 97Volume 1
BossBoss4Volume 1 Page 151Volume 1
Ai's SisterAi's Sister3Volume 1 Page 97Volume 1
GirlGirl3Volume 1 Page 1Volume 1
Old ManOld Man3Volume 1 Page 21Volume 1
(No image)Announcer1Volume 1 Page 6Volume 1