Character list for Vulgar Ghost Daydream 2

This table lists all characters from Vulgar Ghost Daydream 2. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Saiki MisakiSaiki Misaki130Volume 2 Page 1Volume 2
PersonPerson32Volume 2 Page 9Volume 2
Kadotake SouichirouKadotake Souichirou31Volume 2 Page 36Volume 2
Kunugi AiKunugi Ai29Volume 2 Page 127Volume 2
Kevin NashKevin Nash19Volume 2 Page 62Volume 2
PolicePolice14Volume 2 Page 9Volume 2
(No image)Writing13Volume 2 Page 19Volume 2
Shizue MikuriyaShizue MikuriyaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 2
An editor and model at the sex industry magazine Honey Chop. An acknowledged lesbian and friend to Misaki. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
11Volume 2 Page 140Volume 2
GhostGhost10Volume 2 Page 38Volume 2
Kobayshi-kunKobayshi-kun10Volume 2 Page 136Volume 2
Shimamura KoujiShimamura Kouji10Volume 2 Page 15Volume 2
Editorial NoteEditorial Note9Volume 2 Page 1Volume 2
(No image)Narration7Volume 2 Page 0Volume 2
(No image)Announcer5Volume 2 Page 125Volume 2
Fujiwara MitsuruFujiwara MitsuruFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 2
A high school student who has sexual issues with domination due to a relationship with a much older woman. Is infatuated with Misaki who considers him a stalker. In spite of his issues he seems to be a good person. Mitsuru is the son of a Shinto priest with whom he is somewhat estranged. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
4Volume 2 Page 178Volume 2
ZombieZombie4Volume 2 Page 103Volume 2
Saiki ShigeyukiSaiki ShigeyukiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 2
Misaki's father and the chief administrator of the Livelihood Preservation Group. Divorced from Misaki's mother who's whereabouts is unknown. Somewhat estranged from his daughter. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
3Volume 2 Page 49Volume 2
Misaki's GrandmotherMisaki's Grandmother2Volume 2 Page 47Volume 2
TeacherTeacher1Volume 2 Page 192Volume 2
StudentStudent1Volume 2 Page 192Volume 2