Character list for Vulgar Ghost Daydream 5

This table lists all characters from Vulgar Ghost Daydream 5. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Kadotake SouichirouKadotake Souichirou71Volume 5 Page 9Volume 5
Saiki MisakiSaiki Misaki65Volume 5 Page 1Volume 5
Kunugi AiKunugi Ai50Volume 5 Page 11Volume 5
Fujiwara MitsuruFujiwara Mitsuru45Volume 5 Page 19Volume 5
PersonPerson40Volume 5 Page 20Volume 5
Detective GadaDetective GadaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 5
A police detective with unexplained issues relating to necromancy. Has a relationship with the necromancer Isa Haru. Is prone to use unethical means to achieve his goals. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
38Volume 5 Page 70Volume 5
Isa HaruIsa HaruFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 5
Detective Gada's domestic partner and also a necromancer. Is known to be a true hermaphrodite who is living as a woman. Apparently isn't well adjusted to the situation, and is also not physically healthy. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
20Volume 5 Page 81Volume 5
(No image)Writing16Volume 5 Page 23Volume 5
Officer SatouOfficer Satou11Volume 5 Page 68Volume 5
GhostGhost8Volume 5 Page 115Volume 5
(No image)Narration5Volume 5 Page -1Volume 5
IsanamiIsanami4Volume 5 Page 31Volume 5
Po the BearPo the Bear4Volume 5 Page 221Volume 5
Matoba-kunMatoba-kun3Volume 5 Page 83Volume 5
YuoYuoFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 5
A mysterious youth who is apparently behind many of the suicides that Misaki is called upon to exorcise. Uses the internet to exhort people to commit suicide according to his design. (Description from Wikipedia article.) Full name is Iogi Yuo (family name first: Iogi.)
3Volume 5 Page 120Volume 5
Hiratsuka-sanHiratsuka-san3Volume 5 Page 24Volume 5
Editorial NoteEditorial Note1Volume 5 Page 129Volume 5
(No image)Pirate1Volume 5 Page 39Volume 5
KoshigayaKoshigaya1Volume 5 Page 28Volume 5
PolicePolice1Volume 5 Page 67Volume 5