Character list for Vulgar Ghost Daydream

This table lists all characters from Vulgar Ghost Daydream volumes 1-9.

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Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Saiki MisakiSaiki MisakiFrom Vulgar Ghost DayDream Volume 1
Misaki is an albino woman with the distinctive lack of pigmentation that accompanies that condition. Her pink eyes and white hair are also accompanied by a complete lack of pubic hair which causes her some embarrassment. These combined features make her very desirable in her line of work as a professional Dominatrix for the Roppongi Myure Mule S&M club and as a contributor to the sex industry magazine Honey Chop. Misaki is also a necromancer and can see, hear, and speak to ghosts. She is very self-deprecating about this talent, but is in fact very good at both her occupations. Misaki has a complicated past, and although she works in the sex industry she is actually a virgin. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
575Volume 01 Page 007Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
Kadotake SouichirouKadotake SouichirouFrom Vulgar Ghost DayDream Volume 1
Misaki's partner in the Livelihood Preservation Group and her usual link to it. He is excitable and fascinated by Misaki's sexual line of work. He likes to be dominated but doesn't realize this. A proficient martial artist, Souichirou is not an expert. He is mostly very good at Judo. He has many contacts and is good at compiling information, but is deathly afraid of ghosts which makes him an interesting partner for a necromancer. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
355Volume 01 Page 010Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
PersonPerson286Volume 01 Page 026Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
Kunugi AiKunugi AiFrom Vulgar Ghost DayDream Volume 1
A quiet middle school girl who's sister committed suicide. Misaki helped her uncover the reasons behind the suicide, and the unintentional death of her niece. Ai is a developing necromancer who looks up to Misaki as a mentor (senpai). Friendly and remarkably brave.From Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Kunugi Ai is asked by Fujiwara Mitsuru to help with the "Flame of Lament" - since Iogi Yuo has been captured by the police, they need her to perform the exorcism in Yuo's place and to lead them to the other side. She agrees, after having a long conversation with Fujiwara (whom she seems to really like a lot) and tells him that she too would like to die, because she has an "impure heart".
187Volume 01 Page 073Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 8 Volume 9
Fujiwara MitsuruFujiwara MitsuruFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 2
A high school student who has sexual issues with domination due to a relationship with a much older woman. Is infatuated with Misaki who considers him a stalker. In spite of his issues he seems to be a good person. Mitsuru is the son of a Shinto priest with whom he is somewhat estranged. (Description from Wikipedia article.)From Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Tells Kunugi Ai about his desire to die over his guilt from the death of his half-sister. Recruits Kunugi Ai to help in the "Flame of Lament" as a Necromancer, since Yuo has been captured by the police.
118Volume 02 Page 178Volume 2 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
(No image)Narration102Volume 01 Page 000Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
(No image)Writing85Volume 01 Page 020Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
Shizue MikuriyaShizue MikuriyaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 2
An editor and model at the sex industry magazine Honey Chop. An acknowledged lesbian and friend to Misaki. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
79Volume 02 Page 140Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 6 Volume 7
Detective GadaDetective GadaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 5
A police detective with unexplained issues relating to necromancy. Has a relationship with the necromancer Isa Haru. Is prone to use unethical means to achieve his goals. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
67Volume 05 Page 070Volume 5 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
YuoYuoFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 5
A mysterious youth who is apparently behind many of the suicides that Misaki is called upon to exorcise. Uses the internet to exhort people to commit suicide according to his design. (Description from Wikipedia article.) Full name is Iogi Yuo (family name first: Iogi.)From Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Captured by the police for his involved in encouraging suicides.

His father, Iogi Minoru, was born into a wealthy family, and apparently never had to work a day in his life. He aspired to being an author, and wrote a book called "The Vestiges of the Beast", about suicide. Yuo's mother liked classical music, and did not pay much attention to him as a child. When he was young (about 5 years old?) his father planned a double suicide with his mother, and their house burned down. At the time, the police attributed the fire to an accident. At five years old though, Yuo knew differently, and kept quiet to hide the shame of the suicide.

After many years, even though the police report at the time of the fire called Iogi Minoru's book a worthless piece of literature, it had since been included in an influential magazine's list of important books on suicide, and had become a cult classic with suicide cults. Yuo himself has been active in the suicide area ever since the suicide as well.

54Volume 05 Page 120Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
GhostGhost47Volume 02 Page 038Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
Fujiwara's FatherFujiwara's Father31Volume 06 Page 042Volume 6 Volume 9
Editorial NoteEditorial Note30Volume 01 Page 005Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5
Yokozeki KouichiYokozeki KouichiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
A con-man whose main line of work is in convincing old people that their houses need repairs of some sort. He has been targeting Kuraki, and while trying to get her to agree to household repairs, is bitten by Kuraki's dog, Meri. After he and his partner capture and kill the dog, Yokozeki's dreams are haunted by a dog that attacks him, and his arm, where he was bitten continues to worsen day by day.
26Volume 08 Page 181Volume 8
MuraokaMuraoka25Volume 03 Page 124Volume 3
Isa HaruIsa HaruFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 5
Detective Gada's domestic partner and also a necromancer. Is known to be a true hermaphrodite who is living as a woman. Apparently isn't well adjusted to the situation, and is also not physically healthy. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
24Volume 05 Page 081Volume 5 Volume 7
KogaKoga23Volume 01 Page 110Volume 1
LisaLisa23Volume 07 Page 103Volume 7
Old ManOld Man23Volume 01 Page 021Volume 1 Volume 4
PolicePolice22Volume 02 Page 009Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6
Taxi DriverTaxi Driver20Volume 03 Page 101Volume 3
Murakoshi MitsuguMurakoshi Mitsugu20Volume 01 Page 034Volume 1
Kevin NashKevin Nash19Volume 02 Page 062Volume 2
MukousakaMukousakaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
A new trainee at the Lifestyle Preservation Group. She has not had her practical training yet, but is told by Saiki Shigeyuki to take on the case of Yokozeki, who was bitten by a dog, as her first job and on-hands training.
19Volume 08 Page 175Volume 8 Volume 9
Saiki ShigeyukiSaiki ShigeyukiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 2
Misaki's father and the chief administrator of the Livelihood Preservation Group. Divorced from Misaki's mother who's whereabouts is unknown. Somewhat estranged from his daughter. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
18Volume 02 Page 049Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 6 Volume 8
Kobayashi FumiakiKobayashi Fumiaki17Volume 07 Page 106Volume 7
Morisawa KinakoMorisawa Kinako17Volume 07 Page 105Volume 7
ShibataShibata17Volume 01 Page 152Volume 1
(No image)Announcer16Volume 01 Page 006Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 6 Volume 8
ImibiyameImibiyameFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Imibiyame is a major player in the "Flame of Lament" plan plotted by Iogi Yuo. She appears to be a young woman who has been in and out of hospitals all her life, and is in great pain. She has been organizing part of the "Flame of Lament" mass suicide attempt, although she is a bit worried that things will not go according to plan since Iogi Yuo has been captured by the police. Introduced to Kunugi Ai by Fujiwara Mitsuru, she plans to use Kunugi Ai in Yuo's place to perform the Necromancy to show the mass suicide participants "to the light" in the world of the dead.
16Volume 08 Page 104Volume 8 Volume 9
Toudou SatomiToudou SatomiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 6
Mitsuru's middle aged lover, who killed herself and as a ghost continues to haunt him. (Description from Wikipedia article.)
14Volume 06 Page 076Volume 6 Volume 7
Iogi PapaIogi Papa14Volume 09 Page 046Volume 9
Futaba-senseiFutaba-sensei13Volume 06 Page 077Volume 6
Po the BearPo the Bear12Volume 01 Page 081Volume 1 Volume 5
ShyoudaShyoudaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Yokozeki's boss. His main line of work is to con old people out of money by forcing unneccessary home repairs upon them. He plans the capture and killing of Kuraki's white shepard, Meri.
11Volume 08 Page 194Volume 8
Officer SatouOfficer Satou11Volume 05 Page 068Volume 5
NiaNia11Volume 09 Page 117Volume 9
Hiratsuka-sanHiratsuka-san10Volume 04 Page 134Volume 4 Volume 5
DogDogFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Meri, a White Shepard, owned by her master Kuraki. All she wants to do it protect her master...
10Volume 07 Page 087Volume 7 Volume 8
Shimamura KoujiShimamura Kouji10Volume 02 Page 015Volume 2
Kobayshi-kunKobayshi-kun10Volume 02 Page 136Volume 2
MasterMaster9Volume 07 Page 105Volume 7
Sakai ShinsukeSakai Shinsuke9Volume 01 Page 047Volume 1
ArisaArisa9Volume 03 Page 001Volume 3
KubotaKubota9Volume 06 Page 093Volume 6 Volume 7
KurakiKurakiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
An old woman whose husband has died, and has few friends or relatives left alive. She has a white Shepard Meri who looks after her, and Soejima who comes by sometimes to help out around the house. She has been targeted by Yokozeki and Shyouda as a mark to whom they will try to force unneccessary house repairs.
9Volume 08 Page 187Volume 8
GirlGirl8Volume 01 Page 001Volume 1 Volume 3 Volume 4
KiriKiri8Volume 08 Page 108Volume 8 Volume 9
FunakoshiFunakoshiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 4
A necromancer used by the Lifestyle Preservation Group. He speaks in a strange style, without using Kanji, only kana. He also is not very talkative. From Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
Asked to help Mukousaka with Yokozeki's case, involving the ghost of a dog.
8Volume 04 Page 096Volume 4 Volume 8
Yujima Hijiri [Ghost]Yujima Hijiri [Ghost]7Volume 06 Page 075Volume 6 Volume 7
TotsukaTotsuka7Volume 04 Page 099Volume 4
AdachiAdachiFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
A police investigator working on the Iogi Yuo "Flame of Lament" case.
6Volume 08 Page 047Volume 8 Volume 9
Kunugi MikuKunugi Miku6Volume 01 Page 097Volume 1
FujisakiFujisaki6Volume 04 Page 085Volume 4
Older WomanOlder Woman6Volume 06 Page 029Volume 6
TeacherTeacher6Volume 02 Page 192Volume 2 Volume 4
KunitomoKunitomo6Volume 04 Page 086Volume 4
StudentStudent5Volume 02 Page 192Volume 2 Volume 4
(No image)Lawyer Shimoyanagi From Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
The state-appointed lawyer for Iogi Yuo. Killed by Yuo's accompanying ghosts.
5Volume 08 Page 028Volume 8
(No image)SoejimaFrom Vulgar Ghost Daydream Volume 8
The old lady Kuraki's helper. She walks the dog Meri when she goes shopping.
5Volume 08 Page 187Volume 8
BeardBeard4Volume 06 Page 017Volume 6
IsanamiIsanami4Volume 05 Page 031Volume 5
ZombieZombie4Volume 02 Page 103Volume 2
HikawaHikawa4Volume 07 Page 045Volume 7
Yoshida's Other BoyfriendYoshida's Other Boyfriend4Volume 04 Page 109Volume 4
Kubota's wifeKubota's wife4Volume 06 Page 139Volume 6
(No image)Ghost Baby4Volume 07 Page 006Volume 7
Police Administrator SudouPolice Administrator Sudou4Volume 09 Page 006Volume 9
BossBoss4Volume 01 Page 151Volume 1
(No image)Government Person4Volume 06 Page 146Volume 6
Ai's SisterAi's Sister3Volume 01 Page 097Volume 1
(No image)Lisa's Boyfriend3Volume 07 Page 131Volume 7
Naori-sanNaori-san3Volume 03 Page 035Volume 3
(No image)Fujiwara Yukio3Volume 06 Page 164Volume 6
NurseNurse3Volume 04 Page 013Volume 4
Detective SakagamiDetective Sakagami3Volume 09 Page 164Volume 9
Matoba-kunMatoba-kun3Volume 05 Page 083Volume 5
Misaki's GrandmotherMisaki's Grandmother3Volume 02 Page 047Volume 2 Volume 3
(No image)Police Officer3Volume 09 Page 161Volume 9
CowCow2Volume 03 Page 065Volume 3
Ghost YuoGhost Yuo2Volume 09 Page 023Volume 9
Homeless PersonHomeless Person2Volume 03 Page 022Volume 3
FrogFrog2Volume 07 Page 082Volume 7
Naka-sanNaka-san2Volume 03 Page 022Volume 3
(No image)Customer2Volume 06 Page 045Volume 6
Little GirlLittle Girl2Volume 03 Page 091Volume 3
Iogi MotherIogi Mother2Volume 09 Page 044Volume 9
Usui TatsumiUsui Tatsumi1Volume 04 Page 120Volume 4
ShionShion1Volume 08 Page 137Volume 8
(No image)Pirate1Volume 05 Page 039Volume 5
Older PatronOlder Patron1Volume 03 Page 026Volume 3
KoshigayaKoshigaya1Volume 05 Page 028Volume 5
NeneNene1Volume 08 Page 139Volume 8
(No image)Delivery Boy1Volume 07 Page 132Volume 7
Old Lady GhostOld Lady Ghost1Volume 06 Page 014Volume 6
(No image)Risa1Volume 03 Page 015Volume 3
Kubota's daughterKubota's daughter1Volume 06 Page 141Volume 6
SenpaiSenpai1Volume 03 Page 083Volume 3
(No image)Cat0Volume 07 Page 150
(No image)Amefurashi0Volume 08 Page 136
ShimizuShimizu0Volume 04 Page 086