Miwa Shirow's "Dogs"

Stray dogs howling in the night.

Dogs is the story of four people living by the blade in the dark world of a mysterious city.

Published in 2001, it is a single volume that ties together the stories of four people in a nice narrative. In July 2005, "Dogs: Bullets & Carnage" started serialization in Ultra Jump. This is one of my favorite series, and I'm continuing to translate it as I get the new chapters.

I really enjoy this manga, and the style is just amazing. I really recommend getting the monthly Ultra Jump magazine as it comes out, since they often have interesting specials to accompany the magazine. If nothing else, you should buy and import the Dogs: Bullets and Carnage tankobons as they come out to support Miwa Shirow and his manga. (The Drama CD is quite nice also.)


Characters information and downloads

A note on chronology. The first release of Dogs is Dogs volume 1, back in 2001. Then I found and translated the short one-off "Dogs: Hardcore Twins", and finally "Dogs Bullets & Carnage" is the latest incarnation of Dogs, currently running in Ultra Jump.

You need BitTorrent to download the translation. Please go to the BitTorrent site, and follow the directions there for installation, etc.


Krivilli has kindly provided a HTTP mirror for dogs volume 1.